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Branding & IDentity

What sets you apart from others? Your brand. An effective brand builds loyalty among your audience, gives you a competitive edge, and generates equity for your business.

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What we can do for your brand

We fuel the growth of businesses and brands through strategic thinking, design production, and market adoption. We exist to help you find clarity in the chaos of an increasingly complex market landscape.
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Brand Strategy

Brand Evaluation
Brand Definition
Brand Architecture
Brand Messaging
Naming Strategy

The brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand. It affects all aspects of a business and is directly related to the needs, emotions and competitive environment of the consumer. Our team can help you establish a brand strategy that sets you apart from others and defines an effective trajectory for your business.
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Brand Identity

Logo Design
Logo Style Guide
Stationery Design
Brand Activation
Your brand assets are the tangible elements that will determine how your brand is perceived. We can design things like your logo, product packaging, website, social media graphics, business cards, and employee uniforms, to show the essence of your brand to your audience.
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Brand Establishment

To accelerate growth and dominate your market, your brand must become the leader in perceived value to your audience. That can not be achieved overnight and is the result of systematic work. Explore how Brand Marketing will help you to send the right message to the right audience.
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Nuñez — Fusing bonds with Mining Industry in South Florida

Website, your most effective branding asset.

A website must be designed with the end goal in mind. With a background in consumer behavior and analytics to understand how users navigate your corporate site or e-commerce platform, the Kinetik Lab team will focus on the visual quality —let's be honest, that's what catch users attention first— but also making sure every feature operates smoothly, intuitive and efficient.
Web Design Services
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What to know about branding and brand strategy

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My business is a startup. Why would I need a brand strategy?

Having a brand strategy is important for a company of any size. with understanding that no two businesses are the same, an effective brand will help you distinguish you from your competition, makes you more recognizable to customers and creates a clear path for your marketing plan.
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Is a brand the same as name, logo, and color palette?

Those are the things often associated with the term “branding,” but they constitute the bare minimum of what your brand should represent. Your brand can be summed up by how your customers perceive you as a company, product, or service.
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What should my business define to build an effective brand?

The right strategy starts by defining the unique space in the market in which you intend to operate, together with your mission and vision, this positioning statement dictates the personality, voice and visual expression of your business.
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What separates Kinetik Lab from other branding agencies?

There are many competent agencies in Miami and even more globally. We stand out by integrating branding, marketing and product design capabilities under one roof. We create long term relationships with our clients as a result of the quality of the work and the experience of working with people fueled by strategic thinking and driven by results.
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