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Media production

Whether you are launching a new website or updating your brand strategy, the rest of your digital assets should follow suit. Let our creative team work with you to redefine how you position yourself in your space.

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What does our media production offer include?

To best represent your vision, values and personality, we offer services aimed at enhancing your visual presence as well as your written one. Your content tells a story about your brand, we'll make sure it's the one you want them to hear.
Creative agency offering photography and video production

Photography & Video Production

When it comes to representing your products, facilities or employees, producing custom photographs and videos allow potential clients to associate legitimate faces to the company instead of bland stock photos of strangers who you would never meet when dealing with the company. Kinetik Lab team specializes in creating eye-catching images to reinforce what your company’s message is trying to convey.
Creative agency offering copywriting services

Copywriting & Keywords Strategy

The copy plays a key role in creating the right impression in those exploring your website. If a heading doesn't grab users attention, they can't find clear answers to their questions or if they notice errors in the copywriting, that's going to negatively impact their opinion about the site, and further about the product or service your business offers. Let us help you to produce branded copy and apply SEO practices, to make your content appealing for both clients and search engines.
Creative agency Miami offering graphic design services

Graphic Design Services

We understand that your company will need to create brand collaterals, so our team will help you design all the stationery associated with your brand, but also with brochures, catalogs, annual reports, banners and other collaterals of your marketing campaign.
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Rosmel Pools — Coming Soon
Website | Branding | Creative Production

Rosmel Pools — Coming Soon

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Website | Branding

Coastal Rentals — Coming Soon

Liberty Mission Critical — Coming Soon
Branding | Website | Creative Production

Liberty Mission Critical — Coming Soon

Brand Strategy, what your audience perceives in your content.

Whether you are launching a new website, updating your branding, or implementing a direct marketing campaign on social media platforms, effective strategies need a cohesive voice and identity. What matters the most in the long term is not the message we promote, but the space of memory that your brand gets to occupy in the audience's mind. Let our team help you to boost your brand strategy.
Branding Services
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Branding is critical for Digital Marketing success.
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What to know about content marketing

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Are Stock Photos as good as custom photographs?

Stock photos were created with another creative’s vision in mind, which means you’re now attempting to fit someone else’s vision into your puzzle. With custom photography, you’re in control of what your company’s message is trying to convey.
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When is a good choice to use stock photos?

Stock images are a cheaper option in a short-term situation. We use them in certain situations where employees, facilities or products specifically associated with the business, are not required to appear. Keep in mind that depending on what your company does, your competition could easily be implementing similar stock photos or in some cases, the same exact photo as you.
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Is the brand strategy important for my content marketing plan?

A content marketing plan is dictated by the brand strategy, which guides you to produce content that effectively connects with your target audience and represents the personality, voice and visual expression of your brand.
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What separates Kinetik Lab from other creative agencies in Miami?

There are many competent agencies in Miami and even more globally. We stand out by integrating branding, marketing and product design capabilities under one roof.
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