The Kinetik Lab
About Our Agency
The kinetic energy of an object is defined as the work needed to accelerate it from a resting position to a state of velocity. That’s how Kinetik Lab was founded, on the idea of helping businesses transform and scale-up.

The Kinetik Mission

Driven by the idea of being a true and proactive partner to our clients, our mission is simple: create industry-leading digital strategies, informed by insight, driven by design, and brought to life by technology. We’re problem solvers and creative thinkers that believe in solutions, not problems.
Our Cores

What is like working with us?


We aim to become an extension of your team, in order to align and connect to your business reality.


We tailor our skills incorporating new technologies and trends, adapting our approach to keep you ahead.


We turn problems upside-down to discover new angles and create bold solutions.
Propelling kinetik movement in South Florida
Our mission is to energize businesses and brands, helping them to connect with their audiences and create strategic systems to achieve their digital transformation and growth goals.
How We Do It
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Energize With Us

Understanding Kinetik Lab

What separates Kinetik Lab from other branding and marketing agencies?

There are many competent agencies in Miami and even more globally. We stand out by integrating branding, product design and marketing capabilities under one roof. We create long term relationships with our clients as a result of the quality of the work and the experience of working with people fuelled by strategic thinking and driven by results.

Do you do branding or should I hire a separate branding agency?

Yes, we do branding. Identity is an integral part of our core. Our branding capabilities include research, brand and digital strategy, logo design, visual identity, styles guide development, among other things. Discover more in our Branding Services Description.

Are consultations free of cost?

Yes. Before accepting a new project, our representatives will ask you to jump into a 45 minutes conversation to discuss your request, identify the areas in which we can assist you, and then develop a custom proposal tailored to your needs. This process is free.