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We help businesses and brands launch, scale, and go through digital marketing and innovation.

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How will Digital Marketing help you scale?

Businesses don’t ignite with just cookie-cutter products but with solutions tailored to their needs. We are helping organizations to connect with their audiences and create strategic systems to achieve their digital transformation and growth goals.
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Our Digital Marketing Services

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Drive more organic traffic

Making sure your website is visible on today’s top search engines is a key component to driving visits to your site. Our SEO on-page optimization program will increase the quality of your organic traffic.
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Amplify your message

As one of the quickest ways to drive leads for your business, our digital media strategists will plan, setup and manage your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns for paid search, paid social and display advertising.
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Boost your social brand

Social media channels help you build deeper relationships with your audience. We create, schedule, analyze and engage with content on behalf of your company to ensure your business is building a strong presence on these platforms.

Improve your sales funnel

Our sales enablement services empower your sales team with the right technology and processes to optimize and personalize your prospect’s experience at every stage of their buyer’s journey.
Case Studies
Rosmel Pools — Coming Soon
Website | Branding | Creative Production

Rosmel Pools — Coming Soon

Nuñez — Fusing bonds with Mining Industry in South Florida
Website | Branding | Creative Production

Nuñez — Fusing bonds with Mining Industry in South Florida

Coastal Rentals — Coming Soon
Website | Branding

Coastal Rentals — Coming Soon

Brand Strategy, the secret sauce of your digital marketing campaign success.

Strategy is the backbone of success. It will keep your business focused and aligned when executing toward goals. You can change the tactics, but the strategy should be the same. We ensure each tactic we perform is consistent with a winning strategy.
Branding Services
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Branding is critical for Digital Marketing success.
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What to know when selecting the right marketing strategy

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Does Kinetik Lab only work for clients in Miami?

No, our services expand nationwide. Although most of our clients are based in the Miami or South Florida Area, a flexible remote work practice allows us to help businesses from other States with the same quality as we were all in the same town.
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Do you do branding or should I hire a separate branding agency?

Yes, we do branding. Identity is an integral part of our core. Our branding capabilities include research, brand and digital strategy, logo design, visual identity, styles guide development, among other things. Discover more in our Branding Services description.
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What separates Kinetik Lab from other marketing agencies?

There are many competent marketing agencies in Miami and even more globally. We stand out by integrating branding, product design and marketing capabilities under one roof. We create long term relationships with our clients as a result of the quality of the work and the experience of working with people fueled by strategic thinking and driven by results.
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Are consultations free of cost?

Yes. Before accepting a new project, our representatives will ask you to jump into a 45 minutes conversation to discuss your request, identify the areas in which we can assist you, and then develop a custom proposal tailored to your needs. This process is free.
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